Biography of Laura Moore, owner of Pancha Enterprises LLC:

"In working with stakeholders on all aspects of the development process, I have often found that animosity and perceived animosity can threaten even the best projects. When that happens, everyone loses. Often, stakeholders are more on the same page than they realize. Bringing people together and asking the right questions can help us move forward to create better communities."


Laura Moore

Laura Moore
Owner of Pancha Enterprises LLC

More about Laura:

Laura is a graduate of MIT, a U.S. Navy veteran, is trilingual and has traveled to 39 countries across 4 continents. She has worked in fields as varied as endangered species reintroduction, public affairs, and technical writing.

As the senior policy aide in Prince George's County District 1 (2008 - 2010), she reviewed all aspects of proposed developments, including storm water management (SWM) plans, landscape requirements, parking and transportation requirements, and Adequate Public Facilities (APF). She worked with developers, stakeholders, community members, and planning staff to achieve consensus on development projects, incorporating smart growth principles and addressing community concerns. She initiated, drafted and edited key zoning and environmental legislation, including SWM regulations, zoning use changes, agricultural preservation, density provisions in sector and master plans, municipal zoning, and zoning code revisions and clarifications.

She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Greenbelt Homes, Inc., a 250-acre, 1600-member housing cooperative with an $9.3 million budget. As the cooperative plans a multi-year, facility-wide energy upgrade, the Board decides on energy efficiency, infrastructure upgrades, financing, and member outreach. She currently serves on a task force to investigate the purchase of a multi-million dollar apartment complex.

Laura received her Bachelor’s degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from from MIT (1991), and recently completed her Master’s in Entomology from the University of Maryland. Her research should be published in a scientific journal in 2012.

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